April 4: Hope of the Resurrection

We welcome you to join us for a virtual service on Sunday, April 4th starting at 5 pm. 

Theme: Hope of the Resurrection

Easter is the premier Christian festival. In our service we will look at the amazing fact of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Easter assures us that we too can live again after we die. We will explore what life after death means and it’s implications for us today. Come join us.

God, Prayer and the Pandemic

We welcome you to join us for a virtual service on Sunday, February 7th starting at 5 pm. 

The pandemic is still with us a year after it began. We flounder around wondering how to cope. We will examine this in the light of Psalm 13, one of the psalms of lament. “How long…?” is the plaintive cry of the writer. Lament turns to prayer and prayer and then trust, hope, ending up in joy.  

The Allure of Gentleness

Theme: The Allure of Gentleness 

Disciples of Christ are called to imitate Him. Of all the qualities we see in Jesus, none are as surprising and challenging as his humility and gentleness. His meek spirit attracted all sorts of people to him, many who were excluded from society. We will explore this noble trait of our Lord and see how we can try to resemble Him. 

Special Christmas Virtual Service on YouTube on December 6th at 5pm

Theme: The Paradox of Christmas

Christmas during the pandemic is going to be different. It will be quieter, perhaps even bleak. It is a time to reflect on the first Christmas, which unlike the usual hoopla of the modern festival is a story about poor humble people. Most importantly it is the story of the mighty God becoming human, like you and me. God comes near at Christmas and we can actually get to know Him. The service will feature carols in different languages. Come join us.