“The Puzzle of the Cross”

November 5 at 5pm at Westgate Alliance Church

Speaker: Abraham Ninan
Topic: “The Puzzle of the Cross”

Why did Jesus die? Why did He die such a cruel death? Was He a victim of Roman power or the jealously of religious leaders? Was He disappointed and die as a martyr to a cause? Every thinking individual has to contemplate this puzzle. The Bible says that He died for our sins. We will try to unpack this statement at our ICCW service. Join us for an evening of worship, study, fellowship, and dinner.

August 6, 2017 – “A Harmonious and Mature Church”

August 6, 2017 at 5pm at Westgate Alliance Church

The cartoon character, Charlie Brown, famously said that he loved humanity but could not stand people. We find those nearest to us to be the most irritating and difficult to love. And so it is a challenge to follow Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 4 to be completely gentle, humble and patient, forgiving each other and living in harmony within the church. These instructions, surprisingly, follow his lofty teaching that informed us that we are the very children of God and citizens of heaven. Join us this Sunday as we explore this theme. – Abraham Ninan

Bible Readings: Mark 10:35-45; Ephesians 4:1-16

“Praying with Purpose”

One of Paul’s remarkable traits was his prayer life. Paul’s instructive epistle to the Ephesians is bathed in prayer. He recognizes that the wonderful blessings that God has for us cannot be attained but through prayer. Hence he prays that the church would have the power to understand the limitless dimensions of God’s love, the riches of His grace and the certain hope we have in Christ. Come and learn with us.

May 21, 2017 – “God’s Blessings – My Response”

Dr. Abraham Ninan is a semi-retired neonatologist in Saskatoon. He and his wife Leela have three children and seven grandchildren. He is passionate to preach and teach the Word of God.

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is a remarkable piece of literature. While chained to a Roman guard, Paul scales the heights of heaven as he contemplates the amazing love of God. In the first chapter we are given a breathtaking vision of God’s blessings to humanity. On May 21 we continue our study specifically considering what our response to God ought to be as we live lives of moral excellence, overflowing love and meaningful worship.