Yet Another Worship Service?


When Christians of Indian/South Asian origin arrive in Saskatoon they have a church in every community, unlike people of other religions from India who have only one or two worship places. Just the proximity and convenience makes them choose the church closest to them, which of course is the appropriate thing to do. However, this makes it difficult to connect with Christians who share a similar culture and fellowship with them.

To address this difficulty, an Indo-Canadian worship service has been started for Christians of Indian origin since 2013. Once a month, people have been congregating to worship. We have the service in the evening to ensure that it does not interfere with their own community church activities.

This service is open to all who would like to join in the worship and particularly to all people of Indian/South Asian origin. The worship is followed by a time of fellowship.

The service is in English and the songs are in English as well as Indian languages (with translation).

We welcome all who follow Christ as their Lord and Saviour and those who want to know Jesus Christ.