May 2: The Parable of the Rich Fool

In the parables, Jesus conveys spiritual truths recounting simple stories with a twist. The parable of the rich fool is about a rich farmer who has a bumper crop. He decides to store his surplus grain in bigger barns and then relax by eating, drinking and having fun. Just then God appears on the scene and informs him that he is about to die. The story speaks of the deceitfulness of riches and the pitfalls of greed and selfishness. Join us to learn from Jesus, the master teacher.

April 4: Hope of the Resurrection

We welcome you to join us for a virtual service on Sunday, April 4th starting at 5 pm. 

Theme: Hope of the Resurrection

Easter is the premier Christian festival. In our service we will look at the amazing fact of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Easter assures us that we too can live again after we die. We will explore what life after death means and it’s implications for us today. Come join us.