“Fruit of the Spirit”

Topic: Fruit of the Spirit

To be Christlike is to love others. This is made possible in our lives by the Holy Spirit. We will explore essential traits of the fruit of the Spirit, touch on the impediments to fruit bearing and discuss practical steps to enable us achieve the goal of Christlikeness.

“The Peace of God”

Topic: The Peace of God

We long for peace as the world struggles under the pandemic and its fall out. God is our only hope for lasting peace. As we commit our lives to Jesus, stay close to Him, become more like Him, we are assured of a peace that surpasses our understanding.

“Christian Joy”

Topic: Christian Joy
We will explore Joy, a fruit of the Spirit which dominates the letter to the Philippians. Joy is grounded in relationships, is fueled by prayer and accompanies our service to God. In the difficult times we face now, God continues to bless us with joy. It is God’s free gift to those who trust in Jesus.

“Love – The Cardinal Virtue”

Topic: “Love – The Cardinal Virtue”
The pandemic gives us an opportunity to concentrate on what is most important to us. The Bible helps us here by expounding the need for love. We will examine this cardinal virtue through Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13.