November 1st: Faithfulness/Integrity

We welcome you to join us for a virtual service on Sunday, November 1st starting at 5 pm. 

Topic: Faithfulness/Integrity

God is described as being faithful. He desires us as His followers to be faithful and be people of integrity. However, this virtue is sadly lacking in our culture.. We will examine the nature of integrity by studying Psalm 15 and explore the steps required for us to acquire and exhibit this virtue.

The service video will be available on November 1st:

“Loving Kindness”

Topic: Loving Kindness
God and the Bible are all about love. There are many words that describe and expand on this sublime virtue. One of these, loving kindness, describes love in action, as practical other-directed love. We will explore this virtue by looking into the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

“Fruit of the Spirit – Patience”

Topic: Fruit of the Spirit – Patience
As the pandemic rages on, we are tempted to give in to fear and anxiety. The Holy Spirit enables us to exercise the fruit of patience in our lives. Patience in our dealings with other people is an important virtue that is essential to Christian community. We will explore the divine roots of patience, the expression of it in the life of Christ and see how we can make this a reality in our daily lives and fellowships.

“Fruit of the Spirit”

Topic: Fruit of the Spirit

To be Christlike is to love others. This is made possible in our lives by the Holy Spirit. We will explore essential traits of the fruit of the Spirit, touch on the impediments to fruit bearing and discuss practical steps to enable us achieve the goal of Christlikeness.

“The Peace of God”

Topic: The Peace of God

We long for peace as the world struggles under the pandemic and its fall out. God is our only hope for lasting peace. As we commit our lives to Jesus, stay close to Him, become more like Him, we are assured of a peace that surpasses our understanding.