November 7, 2021 ‘God our Deliverer’

Speaker: Abraham Ninan
Topic: God our Deliverer
We live in difficult times. In the past two years, over five million people have died from Covid 19. Many have suffered the loss of loved ones, faced economic hardships, job losses, etc., not to mention the usual travails that all of us are subject to. Psalm 124 is very relevant to our situation. David begins by saying that if the Lord had not been for us, we would have perished. He goes on to describe the hardships faced by humanity and concludes on a note of hope because God is on our side. 

Announcement for In-Person Services

We will follow regulations provided by the Government of Saskatchewan, the City Council and the Westgate Alliance Church in order to prevent the spread of the virus and, in particular, protect the most vulnerable among us, i.e., those who are immune compromised, have co-morbidities, the elderly and children. As Christian citizens, and as Jesus taught us, we shall obey the laws of the land, and love our neighbour as ourselves.    

Here are some simple restrictions to follow:
1. If you are ill with a cough, fever etc., please do not plan to attend. The service will be live streamed and you can join us digitally.
2. Similarly, if you are not Immunized, please do not attend the in-person service. Join the service digitally.
3. Maintain physical distancing at all times – please keep a distance of 6 feet between each other.
4. Avoid physical contact, i.e. hand shaking and hugging.
5. Sanitize your hands when you enter the facility and when you leave and at other times as necessary.
6. Wear protective masks at all times.
7. There will be no food or drinks served at this service.
8 In the event that there are further restrictions, we will let you know.
9. Please be in prayer for an effective ministry and for the safety of all those who attend and participate in the service. Also, pray for an end to the pandemic.  


We welcome you to join us for a virtual service on Sunday, October 3rd starting at 5 pm. 

Speaker: Santosh Ninan 
Topic: Thanksgiving
Looking at Philippians 3:17-21, Santosh Ninan will share about Paul’s thankfulness for the church in Philippi and the basis for our own thankfulness. This message will help all of us celebrate Thanksgiving this year in a deeper way.